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What is the Sponsor A Pet Program?

Sponsor A Pet program is a way for you to help homeless pets even if you can’t adopt them. By giving a monetary donation through our secure payment system, you will be working with the Petfinder Foundation to help shelters and rescue groups care for homeless pets while they wait for their forever home.

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Miss Dixie


Poor Miss Dixie was found wandering the road in Mobile Alabama. She was taken to the shelter but they didn’t have the resources to care for her or diagnose her. She was missing a considerable amount of her fur, had skin tags all over her body and a large mass on her side. She had obviously not been taken to a vet or cared for in a long time.
No other rescues would take a chance on her but when we were asked we saw those gorgeous eyes and couldn’t say no. She needed us and we needed her.
So the journey started from Mobile to NY. We got her to a vet there immediately to start her care. Blood work was done and we found out she had a thyroid condition. She was started on medication for that immediately. Other tests needed to be done but we had to start her transport so that would have to wait a few days. Off she went to her foster till we could get her to South Carolina for the New York transport. And then she finally got her to us. She won fans and friends along the way with anyone that looked into those eyes! She has something special.
Once she got here we took her to our Dr’s and tested her for Cushings Disease. It came back as positive for the kind that stems from the pituitary gland. There is no cure for Cushings but it is treatable and now we are getting her medication levels worked out. Once that’s under control we will have the mass on her side removed so she is more comfortable. It’s quite large and is heavy for her to carry around. Plus she’ll be able to expand her wardrobe once she has a waist again!
We constantly take in pups that no other rescues will take. Whether due to illness or behavior they all deserve a chance at a good life.
Please find it in your heart to contribute to one of our special needs pups with a donation. They are such good babies and got a really crappy hand dealt to them originally. Now we will care for them and love them. Perhaps they will even find their very own furever home.
Please contact us at info@ourbestfriendsrescue.org if you have any questions or simply click the link below to sponsor Miss Dixie. 100{9d988f3c1dd4dcb0fc059b80189ca2acf360348a86d22f0f3ddd646c64bc281b} of all donations go to the animals. None of us are paid and we all work full time in addition to doing rescue. It’s about the pups and only about the pups.
Miss Dixie is Special needs • Coat Length: Medium